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A little about me and Jerry's Home Repair Services...
carlsbad, la costa, encinitas
Hi.  I live in La Costa and have been a Carlsbad resident since 2001.   Prior to that, the San Francisco Bay Area was my home for 38 years.  I have been a do-it-your-selfer for most of my life and in particular since 1980, when I first became a Realtor and bought my first 2 homes.  I did all of the upgrading myself on those first two and all of the ones since with the help of some hired hands.  But, all of the planning and design was done by me.   That means from the landscaping to the crown molding and everything in-between was designed or co-designed and implemented by me.​
You will find me competent, friendly, trustworthy and as honest as the day is long.


I am happy to do the job that you hire me for and give you input into designs or products that you wish to use.  I am a BIG believer in using quality products as they last longer and usually go on or install better.  Please contact me for doing small jobs or to help you plan bigger jobs and rehabs.  If I can't do the job that you want, I will be glad to refer someone who can.

Call or text Jerry at 760 533-8838

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